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Ravindra-Dave-Editor-in-ChiefRashtra Darpan is a monthly newspaper covers a variety of news for wide verity of audience in the United States. We will be promoting the Indian subcontinent in the US in the most articulate fashion empowering our readers with awareness of local, national and international news, events and social happenings.

Our mission is to become true mirror (Darpan) of Rashtra (Country), both India and US. We will strive to be informative, educational, and entertaining. Each issue of Rashtra Darpan will feature news, community events, business related articles, immigration issues, health and nutrition tips etc.
We will endeavor to promote our golden heritage  and will present it to the community in the form of Print and digital form.

The South Asian vibrant community has given a significant boost to US economy through their businesses, by generation huge employment to local natives. Rashtra Darpan will try to project it to the authority to get best benefit to the community.

Our main goal is to reach South Asian and Caribbean Diaspora of countries like India, Pakistan, Bangla Desh, Nepal, Sri Lanka who have their common vision but still have  diversified culture.

Rashtra Dapan will focus on local and distant community with events, happenings and profile features of leading community leaders. Our primary distribution will be pick up from 70+ locations in Atlanta GA at Indo-Pak Bangla  grocery stores, Restaurants, Malls etc. We are also spreading in SC, AL and FL,TN and KY. Our starting distribution of 10000 will go up to 15000 within next few months covering 50000 readers.

We are also committed to provide highest service to our advertisers who get the highest benefit to grow their business through print and digital media. We assure the advertisers that they will get rewards for each dollar spent on advertisement with Rashtra Darpan.

We are in the Global Mall, the only Indian mall in the whole of USA. Please call us for any of your advertising opportunity ,community happenings, or subscriptions at 770-904-1569.

We will be happy to have your feedback as to how we can serve the community better.

Ravindra Dave
(Editor in Chief.)

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